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About Us

Why Pets Need Us
Each year, millions of pets are lost or euthanized because their owners cannot be found. This doesn't have to happen.
Like us, animals suffer from many of the same diseases and chronic conditions that we do.
Unlike us, animals cannot get care and attention for themselves, when they need it.
Alarm Charms speaks for your pet, when you can't be there.
Alarm Charms provides life-saving information, especially in emergency situations.
Why You Need Us
Alarm Charms are the first patent pending Medical ID Charms for Pets.
- Alarm Charms identifies your pet's health condition with a universally known medical symbol and text.
- Alarm Charms work by registering the unique ID # located on the back of the charm, along with your pet's medical condition,
treatment protocol, and other vital contact information at www.alarmcharms.com.
In the event your pet is lost or in case of an emergency, Alarm Charms alerts the finder to your pet's medical condition
and guides them to a database with your contact information and everything they need to know about your pet, until you can be reunited.
Alarm Charms can help keep your pet happy & healthy until they can be home again.
Alarm Charms are: Scratch, Rust, Fade, & Noise Resistant! Yes, they jingle-free / silent upon movement !
There is no need to worry about your pet's information being scratched or worn away.
Unlike the traditional metal or aluminum tags, Alarm Charms are made from Eco friendly rubber.
The Eco friendly rubber is safe for both pets and the environment, while it also increases the durability and longevity of the charms.
Our Mission
At Alarm Charms, your pet is our #1 customer and protecting them is our #1 priority.
Our mission is governed by 3 primary purposes:
To Protect Pets
To Promote Pet Education & Disease Awareness
To Provide Pet Owners, Peace of Mind

Let us help you, protect your pet today!